Pegas - one of the first companies in Czech started production in 1989.


The process to get the permits for production of paragliding equipment under a totalitarian regime was extremely difficult. Pegashas the longest tradition in Czech Republic of developing gliders by a very innovative design team. In the beginning, our gliders were of rectangular shape based on skydiving chutes called BIG-X - at that time, the most common paragliderdesign,which was the basisfor the developmentof new and more advanced designs.

In 1990 we began production of our first elliptically shaped glider called FAZOLE. It was a radical design in its day which represented a new era of gliders and became the standard for development of modern gliders in Czech Republic.  


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From 1994 we developed and used our first software to design our paragliders, which helped in glider performance and created the possibility of using specially shaped diagonal ribs and other modern paragliding technologies, which are still used in all modern gliders designs.

In 1999 after many prototypes and design changes we developed a glider named pony. Pony represented our flagship glider for its reliability, forgiving behavior and great gliding. This glider became very popular and pilots associated it with fun paragliding.

 Later on we developed a series of new gliders for schools, tandems, high performance and competition gliders, harnesses and reserve parachutes. Nowadays we offer gliders for beginners with maximum passive safety, advanced, PPG, freestyle and acroparagliders. Our gliders are tested and further developed in our French testing center.

Eventually we started to also develop KITES. Our first tests were in 1993, but full development started whenthepopularity of this sport increased in Europe.

As with the glider production, Pegas was first to start themanufacturing ofkites commercially in Czech Republic. We focus on quality of our product and leverage the experience of our team of pg designers. Our kites are comparable with the top kites on the market.

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From the start, the Pegas team has been providing full service for our customers. We have run our own pg school since1990 and kiteboarding school since2002 with both our equipment and that of other world renowned manufacturers.

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